Surfs Edge

I live near the ocean
At the edge of the shore
I sit pondering
Watching the beautiful waves crest
As they sway
Up and down
Thunderously crashing against the seaside
Bathing the sand with noble intent
The water drifts back again
Appearing to the eye as innocent nature

My mind is like the ocean
In many ways
Climbing up so high
Then crashing downward with rapid swiftness
Altogether uncontrollable
Rageful, grabbing more bits of sand, of me
Each time it comes

A hurricane lurks, hiding in the distance
The calm sky once azure, begins to turn a hazy gray
A gale is forthcoming, I can feel it inside, quaking
The tempest has me in her midst, the churning of my spirit and reason begins

I'm bound for the ocean each time it begins
A full yellow moon is rising high, begging the waves to peak
Hands held out, pulling them straight on up

Out of control breakers
Tossing in chaos and confusion
A moon dance that is cruel
High tides coming in
Grabbing at my soul
Floating on a sea of dread
Begging to be whole

Gliding on this ocean
Wishing to be cast free
Trying to hold on as best I can
Of what little is left of me

Riding the high tumultuous waves as they crest
Holding on with all of my endurance as they come roaring down
Thrashing me again
I hope I will be spat out on land somehow.

 Juliet Wilkerson © 1997