Give Me Sunshine


The sun upon my face
Brings back yesterdays gone
The breeze blows through my tangled life
How did I end up here?
There are no seasons anymore
They just melt into long days of everlasting contempt
They say I’m looking better
I think they just pretend
Smile at the girl with the disheveled hair
Placate her, before she loses her mind again

Chances are they’re gona find me in the dark
The pills, they kill all my light
I miss the extraordinary view from the top
How I miss that feeling of ease
It’s the manic depression that’s robbing me
Sweet misery, I do think I have finally found you

I’m starving for that feeling
The colossal high
Give me a pair of wings
Just for a day
So I can fly
I don’t care about the price anymore

Somebody tell me this is all a wicked nightmare
Wake me up, am I dreaming?
Give me just one ray of sunlight
Instead of constant hurricanes
Stop the rain; please end all of the pain.

©Juliet Wilkerson
May 25, 2004