Save Me


Iím in a state

Iím in a hurry

Iíve come undone

Iím pretty worried

Thereís nothing to lose

Thereís nothing to gain

Why am I stayiní around?

Itís all too obscure


Wake me when this has past

Or am I just dreaming

Itís all a mistake

My mind is a circus

Help me to breath

I just need a little air now


I need to move

I need dance

Iím gona fly

Itís all such a blinding clichť

I need to get to heavenís gates

To the comfort zone of my ambivalence


I am crumbling

Unfathomable pain

Lucidity is disappearing

Iím gona be so gone very soon

Holding on is gettingí even harder

I need to shout even louder


Juliet Wilkerson