Contemplationís of Sadness

In the corners of my mind I sit in decay
Wondering where the gray has gone
Everything is black or white
The darkness creeps in like blinding fog
There is no one there to sit beside me and clear the cob webs from my attic
And tell me everything will be fine and quell my fears

Through the window the lemonade sun tries to push through the blinds
I have no need for daylight upon my face or to venture outdoors
My heart is captured with the overbearing sadness
I am glad to hide
Donít see me
Donít feel me
Grief has seized me

Nothing can comfort this aching
I just want to evaporate into the air
And not apprehend this continuous ragefull agony
Kill me
Bury me deep beneath the earth
And let remorse fall along the way

Juliet Wilkerson  © April 2000