Moon Dance

The moon is rising high
The twilight fades away
A crimson sun melts into yesterday
The stars are haunting me

The gentle hush of windswept miles
Brush against my tear drenched flesh
I'm gazing at the moon
All by myself

Bare I stand
Feeling the sensuous chilly glow
The light illuminates the bay
A fragrant frost, is in the air
Chilling me to the bone

Welcoming the cold
I'm dancing with the heavens
Under a wintry sky
Dreaming you are holding me
Warming my blood
With passions kiss
I long to feel your touch

I cannot ease this ache inside
I welcome the numbing cold
'Tis the only thing I can feel
What is real? What is real?
I beg the chill to ease my yearning heart
But I don't want to be let go...
And so goes this moon dance
Too far for my embrace

Juliet Wilkerson Copy Right 1/22/97