Mixing Bowl

I don't want these demons knocking at my door
I don't want to face another mixing bowl
I can’t go too far up because I’m also going down
I’m losing my foundation
I can’t feel my feet on the ground

 Add some racing thoughts
Along with a bitter taste of misery
Put some agitation on the fire
It’s only going to cost me my clear thinking

 Shovel down some bitter pills
To quell the irritability
Smile and weep at the same time
While your mind’s runnin’ on overtime

 You toss and turn
A double edged sword
It’s all so contradictory; altogether at once
I can’t escape my mind
And that’s why I’m screaming

 It’s a mind’s undoing
Should I soar or plummet
There are too many emotions
Jumbling round my head

 A storm of pirates and grandiose queens
And crazy, outrageous, hopeless apparitions
Relentless madness
That makes you come unraveled

Juliet Wilkerson © 2004