Oblivion's Dance By Leonaheidern

One Manic Tuesday

Red letter writing on the ceiling
It must be a message of divinity
Whispers heard so silently
Hush don’t tell anybody 

A psychic told me yesterday
That I was going to foresee my essence
She said my omniscience
Would reveal my divine destination
And the significance of my being

Grinning with a dazzling smile
I know they all are watching me
A charming seductress in disguise
Woo me with your silent eyes
Moments caught in lightening
I can catch a falling star
I’d have a piece of heaven then
To tuck inside this hurried mind

Hilarity is catching
I seem to be chatting too much
It doesn’t matter if it’s frenzied and swift
It doesn’t make a difference
I understand the master plan

Everything is delightful, everything is cool
Sensations are so intoxicating
I’m over run with joy
The earth is so inviting
It all makes perfect sense

They’re flying kites in the park today
I think I will be on my merry way
The clouds are speaking out to me
In a secret celestial illustrations


Juliet Wilkerson
© March 2004