International  Links

Here are links to International sites I have found while perusing the Internet. I have had many people outside of the United States ask me how to find agencies, web sites, etc., regarding Bipolar Disorder in their part of the world. I hope these links may be of help! If you know of other links that may be useful, please E-mail me. Thank you!

Manic Depression Fellowship (England)

Bipolar Art (Germany) Google Translater

Bipolar Aware (UK)

Bipolar Support (Canterbury New Zealand)

Beyond Blue (Australia)

SANE/Links To Australian Mental Health Sites

  The Dutch Foundation for Manic Depression (In Dutch)

South African Bipolar Site

Fundacion de Bipolares de Argentina (FUBIPA) (In Spanish-Based in Argentina)

German Society For Bipolar Disorder (In German)

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