Fade Away

Forgotten By Orcilla

Matilda says she’s dying
On the bathroom floor she’s sobbing
Her composure is hanging by a thread
The voices in her head, the voices in her head
She can’t get them to go
Although she’s pleaded with them to leave her be
Insanity is all she sees
She’s vanishing before her eyes
Matilda’s melting away
There’s no one there to comfort her
And they just don’t comprehend
That malevolence has grabbed her heart and soul
It’s been too much of a wavering road

 Matilda wants to fade away
She doesn’t know who she used to be
There’s someone else inside her
Playing tricks within her head
The agony is too much for her to endure
She can’t make sense of it all anymore
Her reasoning is twisted and contorted 

Matilda guards the polished knife ever so closely
All she wants to do is go
She screams out in anguish
As the stream of blood flows
She listens for a moment
And all that she hears
Is the peaceful sound of silence
Echoing through her tears 

Juliet Wilkerson © April 26, 2004