You woke me from a dream
With the seduction of a huntress
Kissed with the rapture of Aphrodite
You rendered me wild eyed and restless
Pacing in the emerging rays of sunlight
Joy juice swimming in my blood
Equally longed for; desire in itself
A budding untouchable high
Infectious giddiness
Sweet lavender perfume and champagne
A tango of intention
You made my mind awry with your scandalous design
Waiting with baited breath to capture my brain with your seduction
I welcomed you with an alluring grin
Knowing the consequences of this sublime thrill
You come wrapped like a scarlet red box of Christmas candies
All glitter and gold
Bringing joy before the box is empty
Then you will leave me alone in a shroud of darkness
When your bounty of merriment ceases
In the crumbling decay of dispirited nightfall

Juliet Wilkerson © 5-9-2002