Trapped In My Dreams 3 By Ladymorgana

Broken Wings 

I have fallen oh so low
Broken Wings
Shattered Dreams
Set me free, just set me free 

All this turmoil in my head
Distorted visions
That I misread
Along my way I fell down
I can't get up
I'm beaten to the ground

There's nothing left
But the shell of someone I used to be
I can barely see her; she's out of my reach

Someone once told me “its gonna be all right”
But they do not know my frailty and the torment and the dread
I wear it well, for I am masquerading
Underneath the veil is a tortured mind
Nobody hears, nobody sees
Nobody hears, nobody sees
Nobody hears, nobody sees 

Juliet WilkersonŠ April 22, 2004