The Dance Marathon


My mind is racing
I'm dancing around
Into the sunlight hours
There is no slowing down

I've called my doctor
at least four times
He's changed my medication
He's fooling with my design

Try this and try that he says on the phone
I take all these pills but not one
settles me down
My husband says to me "you know you need to be slown"

I'm spinning around like a ballerina
on stage, rapidly changing, irritated and erratic
I haven't been to sleep in days and days and days
And I cannot seem to get out of this maze

My silhouette is dancing as fast as she can
She keeps up with my frolicking into the twilight
Swirling about in acrimonious fright
I yell and scream in fits of frenzy
Dancing again with endless calamity

Juliet Wilkerson ©1996